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City Middelburg

City Middelburg


City Middelburg

Markt 51
4331 LK Middelburg
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Middelburg is the capital of the province of Zeeland and has a rich history, which is still evident. Middelburg was founded in the 9th century when the Vikings moved into Europe. In order to protect the island of Walcheren against invaders, a ringfort was built. After the threat of the land invaders was over, the fortress started to benefit from its convenient location on the water and developed into a commercial centre. Since this fortress was the centre (middle) fortress of Walcheren, it was given the name Middelburg.

At the time of the VOC, Middelburg was the second most important town in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam. In 200 years' time more than 300 new ships were built in the shipyards. These ships set sail to Asia to trade spices, textiles and porcelain. In the centre of Middelburg you can still find the buildings that recall this golden era. After a bombardment in 1940 where, in the consequential fire, much of the town was lost, Middelburg was rebuilt again in traditional style.

In addition to historical monuments you will also find an abundance of modern architecture. Middelburg is really a town with an individual character. There are intimate squares, lovely little streets, sociable bars and apart from the large chains you can also find many boutiques, galleries and art dealers.

City Middelburg
City Middelburg
City Middelburg
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    Zeeland, Nieuwvliet

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    • Indoor and outdoor playground
    • Atmospheric Italian restaurant
    • 950m from the beach
    • Unique beach houses on the beach
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